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The goal of the company :

SEE FAST TECHNOLOGIES designs, manufactures and sells smart high speed cameras.

High speed: from 200 to 500 frames per second in full resolution, and more with ROI.
Smart: an FPGA, Field Programmable Gate Array, embedded inside the camera, to authorize in real time, ultra high speed image processing ( at the camera frame rate ).

The purpose of our products:

To offer the possibility to achieve real time image processing during high speed shooting, in order to reduce the amount of data transmitted and to make the following possible:

- real time data transfer through standard interfaces like USB2, Ethernet...
- achieve high speed feedback loop,
- long time recording on standard PC.

Our customers:

These cameras are dedicated to OEMs, vision integrators, researchers and more... for which standard high speed camera features are not enough and who are looking for a superior level of integration to save computer ressource consumption and to have a complete embedded solution.

Our services:

Our engineers are specialized in:
- VHDL programming for FPGA,
- GUI (Graphical User Interface) design,
- design of electronic cards for images processing.

With these skills, we propose, with specifications and based on our products, the following services:

- development and integration of custom algorithms,
- development of custom Graphical User Interface (GUI),
- dedicated intelligent or smart high speed camera design.

For requests, please don't hesitate to contact us


Last EyeMotion software release :
since the 27th/06/2016,
EyeMotion 1.6.1.

since the 04th/11/2014
new smart high speed camera :
1,3 Mpixels, 505 fps, with Zynq FPGA and USB 3.0.


Since the 1st/09/2012,
See Fast Technologies
is the new name of
Fast Vision Technologies

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